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Official Results General Election - November 2, 2004

Last Updated: 11/18/2004 3:30:00 AM
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President & Vice-President of the United States - Vote For 1
22607607100   10SW
Votes Percent
REPElected REP Party George W Bush196,62562.86%
 22 0.6286266924564859N100
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry111,03635.50%
 22 0.35499144779960783N100
IND IND Party Ralph Nader3,7491.20%
 22 0.0119858688875745146N100
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik8510.27%
 22 0.00272071870454146129N100
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka5140.16%
 22 0.001643301309206128N100
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky100.00%
 22 3.19708425915565E-05122N100
  Total Votes312,785   
    County Results
Pierce County
Precincts Reporting: 9/9 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush1,47567.20%
 22 59N10035
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry68631.25%
 22 83N10035
IND IND Party Ralph Nader241.09%
 22 146N10035
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka80.36%
 22 128N10035
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik20.09%
 22 129N10035
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N10035
  Total Votes2,195   
    Precinct Results for Pierce County
Precinct 0701
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush10172.66%
 22 59N1000701
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry3625.90%
 22 83N1000701
IND IND Party Ralph Nader21.44%
 22 146N1000701
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka00.00%  22 128N1000701
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik00.00%  22 129N1000701
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N1000701
  Total Votes139   
Precinct 0702
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush4060.61%
 22 59N1000702
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry2436.36%
 22 83N1000702
IND IND Party Ralph Nader23.03%
 22 146N1000702
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka00.00%  22 128N1000702
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik00.00%  22 129N1000702
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N1000702
  Total Votes66   
Precinct 0703
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush7754.61%
 22 59N1000703
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry6243.97%
 22 83N1000703
IND IND Party Ralph Nader21.42%
 22 146N1000703
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka00.00%  22 128N1000703
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik00.00%  22 129N1000703
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N1000703
  Total Votes141   
Precinct 0704
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush13674.73%
 22 59N1000704
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry4323.63%
 22 83N1000704
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka21.10%
 22 128N1000704
IND IND Party Ralph Nader10.55%
 22 146N1000704
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik00.00%  22 129N1000704
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N1000704
  Total Votes182   
Precinct 0705
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush20662.80%
 22 59N1000705
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry11535.06%
 22 83N1000705
IND IND Party Ralph Nader41.22%
 22 146N1000705
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka30.91%
 22 128N1000705
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik00.00%  22 129N1000705
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N1000705
  Total Votes328   
Precinct 0706
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush3564.81%
 22 59N1000706
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry1833.33%
 22 83N1000706
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik11.85%
 22 129N1000706
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka00.00%  22 128N1000706
IND IND Party Ralph Nader00.00%  22 146N1000706
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N1000706
  Total Votes54   
Precinct 0707
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush30368.86%
 22 59N1000707
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry13330.23%
 22 83N1000707
IND IND Party Ralph Nader30.68%
 22 146N1000707
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka10.23%
 22 128N1000707
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik00.00%  22 129N1000707
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N1000707
  Total Votes440   
Precinct 0708
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush22068.32%
 22 59N1000708
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry9629.81%
 22 83N1000708
IND IND Party Ralph Nader41.24%
 22 146N1000708
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka10.31%
 22 128N1000708
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik10.31%
 22 129N1000708
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N1000708
  Total Votes322   
Precinct 0709
Votes Percent
REP REP Party George W Bush35768.26%
 22 59N1000709
DEM DEM Party John F Kerry15930.40%
 22 83N1000709
IND IND Party Ralph Nader61.15%
 22 146N1000709
CON CON Party Michael A Peroutka10.19%
 22 128N1000709
LIB LIB Party Michael Badnarik00.00%  22 129N1000709
NON NON Party Martin Wishnatsky00.00%  22 122N1000709
  Total Votes523   

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