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Official Results General Election - November 4, 2008

Last Updated: 11/21/2008 5:37:00 PM
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Insurance Commissioner - Vote For 1
         Votes   Percent         
  Elected REP Party Adam Hamm151,01950.31%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider149,18649.69%
   Total Votes300,205   
    County Results
Richland County
Precincts Reporting: 18/18 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm3,71151.69%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider3,46948.31%
   Total Votes7,180   
    Precinct Results for Richland County
Precinct 2537
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm15753.58%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider13646.42%
   Total Votes293   
Precinct 2538
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider10151.53%
   REP Party Adam Hamm9548.47%
   Total Votes196   
Precinct 2539
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm17263.70%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider9836.30%
   Total Votes270   
Precinct 2541
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider10051.81%
   REP Party Adam Hamm9348.19%
   Total Votes193   
Precinct 2546
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider13951.67%
   REP Party Adam Hamm13048.33%
   Total Votes269   
Precinct 2548
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm27852.45%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider25247.55%
   Total Votes530   
Precinct 2549
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm9850.52%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider9649.48%
   Total Votes194   
Precinct 2551
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider47852.53%
   REP Party Adam Hamm43247.47%
   Total Votes910   
Precinct 2552
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm54852.79%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider49047.21%
   Total Votes1,038   
Precinct 2553
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm40756.22%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider31743.78%
   Total Votes724   
Precinct 2554
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm51954.29%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider43745.71%
   Total Votes956   
Precinct 2637
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm8961.81%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider5538.19%
   Total Votes144   
Precinct 2638
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm6961.61%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider4338.39%
   Total Votes112   
Precinct 2642
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm7852.70%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider7047.30%
   Total Votes148   
Precinct 2643
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm6050.42%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider5949.58%
   Total Votes119   
Precinct 2645
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider26754.71%
   REP Party Adam Hamm22145.29%
   Total Votes488   
Precinct 2647
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider24854.63%
   REP Party Adam Hamm20645.37%
   Total Votes454   
Precinct 2648
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider8358.45%
   REP Party Adam Hamm5941.55%
   Total Votes142   

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