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Official Results General Election - November 4, 2008

Last Updated: 11/21/2008 5:37:00 PM
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Insurance Commissioner - Vote For 1
         Votes   Percent         
  Elected REP Party Adam Hamm151,01950.31%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider149,18649.69%
   Total Votes300,205   
    County Results
Bottineau County
Precincts Reporting: 13/13 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm1,75852.20%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider1,61047.80%
   Total Votes3,368   
    Precinct Results for Bottineau County
Precinct 0601
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm29652.86%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider26447.14%
   Total Votes560   
Precinct 0603
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider9160.67%
   REP Party Adam Hamm5939.33%
   Total Votes150   
Precinct 0604
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm19653.26%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider17246.74%
   Total Votes368   
Precinct 0605
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm9970.21%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider4229.79%
   Total Votes141   
Precinct 0606
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm19554.93%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider16045.07%
   Total Votes355   
Precinct 0607
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm4751.09%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider4548.91%
   Total Votes92   
Precinct 0608
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm12661.17%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider8038.83%
   Total Votes206   
Precinct 0610
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider14752.88%
   REP Party Adam Hamm13147.12%
   Total Votes278   
Precinct 0611
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider10159.06%
   REP Party Adam Hamm7040.94%
   Total Votes171   
Precinct 0612
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm18752.23%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider17147.77%
   Total Votes358   
Precinct 0613
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm12752.92%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider11347.08%
   Total Votes240   
Precinct 0614
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider11550.88%
   REP Party Adam Hamm11149.12%
   Total Votes226   
Precinct 0615
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Adam Hamm11451.12%
   DEM Party Jasper Schneider10948.88%
   Total Votes223   

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