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Official Results General Election - November 6, 2012

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State Auditor - Vote For 1

         Votes   Percent         
  Elected REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 188,86062.50%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 112,80237.33%
   NON Party write-in 5160.17%
   Total Votes302,178   
    Legislative District Results
District 01
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,01577.67%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 1,14522.15%
   NON Party write-in 90.17%
   Total Votes5,169   
District 02
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 5,59876.11%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 1,74623.74%
   NON Party write-in 110.15%
   Total Votes7,355   
District 03
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,80866.53%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 1,90033.19%
   NON Party write-in 160.28%
   Total Votes5,724   
District 04
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,40454.70%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,81045.16%
   NON Party write-in 90.14%
   Total Votes6,223   
District 05
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,07366.72%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,01733.04%
   NON Party write-in 150.25%
   Total Votes6,105   
District 06
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,82767.01%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,36732.86%
   NON Party write-in 90.12%
   Total Votes7,203   
District 07
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 5,04470.55%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,09629.31%
   NON Party write-in 100.14%
   Total Votes7,150   
District 08
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 5,11968.80%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,31531.12%
   NON Party write-in 60.08%
   Total Votes7,440   
District 09
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 3,12771.75%
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 1,22828.18%
   NON Party write-in 30.07%
   Total Votes4,358   
District 10
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,16265.05%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,22134.71%
   NON Party write-in 150.23%
   Total Votes6,398   
District 11
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 3,66853.46%
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,17846.32%
   NON Party write-in 150.22%
   Total Votes6,861   
District 12
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,26761.72%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,02138.18%
   NON Party write-in 50.09%
   Total Votes5,293   
District 13
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,11658.23%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,93941.58%
   NON Party write-in 140.20%
   Total Votes7,069   
District 14
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 5,11268.33%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,36331.59%
   NON Party write-in 60.08%
   Total Votes7,481   
District 15
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,49059.57%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,36140.30%
   NON Party write-in 80.14%
   Total Votes5,859   
District 16
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 2,94451.53%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,75648.24%
   NON Party write-in 130.23%
   Total Votes5,713   
District 17
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,53262.79%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,67537.06%
   NON Party write-in 110.15%
   Total Votes7,218   
District 18
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,61550.04%
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 2,59549.66%
   NON Party write-in 160.31%
   Total Votes5,226   
District 19
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,68965.51%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 1,93834.42%
   NON Party write-in 40.07%
   Total Votes5,631   
District 20
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,57759.18%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,46040.70%
   NON Party write-in 70.12%
   Total Votes6,044   
District 21
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 3,02056.60%
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 2,29342.97%
   NON Party write-in 230.43%
   Total Votes5,336   
District 22
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,41861.92%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,70837.95%
   NON Party write-in 90.13%
   Total Votes7,135   
District 23
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,22654.44%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,69645.49%
   NON Party write-in 40.07%
   Total Votes5,926   
District 24
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,87958.37%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,76341.57%
   NON Party write-in 40.06%
   Total Votes6,646   
District 25
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,71459.16%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,55540.70%
   NON Party write-in 90.14%
   Total Votes6,278   
District 26
         Votes   Percent         
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 3,35351.12%
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,20248.82%
   NON Party write-in 40.06%
   Total Votes6,559   
District 27
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,10759.68%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,76140.12%
   NON Party write-in 140.20%
   Total Votes6,882   
District 28
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 5,06570.29%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,13229.59%
   NON Party write-in 90.12%
   Total Votes7,206   
District 29
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,11665.72%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,14134.18%
   NON Party write-in 60.10%
   Total Votes6,263   
District 30
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,38366.55%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,19033.25%
   NON Party write-in 130.20%
   Total Votes6,586   
District 31
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,04460.58%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,61339.15%
   NON Party write-in 180.27%
   Total Votes6,675   
District 32
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,95262.25%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,38637.58%
   NON Party write-in 110.17%
   Total Votes6,349   
District 33
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 5,10169.97%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,17629.85%
   NON Party write-in 130.18%
   Total Votes7,290   
District 34
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,03061.73%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,48638.08%
   NON Party write-in 120.18%
   Total Votes6,528   
District 35
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 5,01365.93%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,57933.92%
   NON Party write-in 120.16%
   Total Votes7,604   
District 36
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 5,18976.11%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 1,61823.73%
   NON Party write-in 110.16%
   Total Votes6,818   
District 37
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,53773.84%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 1,60026.04%
   NON Party write-in 70.11%
   Total Votes6,144   
District 38
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,10370.29%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 1,72829.60%
   NON Party write-in 60.10%
   Total Votes5,837   
District 39
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 6,52279.93%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 1,62719.94%
   NON Party write-in 110.13%
   Total Votes8,160   
District 40
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 2,63664.85%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 1,41134.71%
   NON Party write-in 180.44%
   Total Votes4,065   
District 41
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,26459.43%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,89740.38%
   NON Party write-in 140.20%
   Total Votes7,175   
District 42
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 2,59554.86%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,11444.69%
   NON Party write-in 210.44%
   Total Votes4,730   
District 43
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,21557.60%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,35742.23%
   NON Party write-in 100.18%
   Total Votes5,582   
District 44
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,68951.94%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 3,39747.82%
   NON Party write-in 170.24%
   Total Votes7,103   
District 45
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 3,48657.09%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,60542.66%
   NON Party write-in 150.25%
   Total Votes6,106   
District 46
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 4,21558.13%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 3,02441.70%
   NON Party write-in 120.17%
   Total Votes7,251   
District 47
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Robert R (Bob) Peterson 6,08872.27%
   DEM Party Scot Kelsh 2,32527.60%
   NON Party write-in 110.13%
   Total Votes8,424   
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