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Official Results Primary Election - June 12, 2018

Last Updated: 6/22/2018 10:08:23 AM
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State Representative - District 39 - Republican - Vote For 2

110872424210REP District 3920LG
Votes Percent
Nominated REP Party Keith Kempenich 3,05452.13%
Nominated REP Party Denton Zubke2,78147.47%
 REP Party write-in 230.39%
  Total Votes5,858   
    County Results
Adams County
Precincts Reporting: 1/1 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
0111087210 111
Votes Percent
 REP Party Keith Kempenich 37657.23%
 REP Party Denton Zubke28042.62%
 REP Party write-in 10.15%
  Total Votes657   
Billings County
Precincts Reporting: 3/3 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
0411087210 331
Votes Percent
 REP Party Keith Kempenich 20953.05%
 REP Party Denton Zubke18446.70%
 REP Party write-in 10.25%
  Total Votes394   
Bowman County
Precincts Reporting: 4/4 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
0611087210 441
Votes Percent
 REP Party Keith Kempenich 78658.66%
 REP Party Denton Zubke54640.75%
 REP Party write-in 80.60%
  Total Votes1,340   
Dunn County
Precincts Reporting: 12/12 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
1311087210 12121
Votes Percent
 REP Party Denton Zubke25449.90%
 REP Party Keith Kempenich 25449.90%
 REP Party write-in 10.20%
  Total Votes509   
Golden Valley County
Precincts Reporting: 1/1 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
1711087210 111
Votes Percent
 REP Party Keith Kempenich 31761.32%
 REP Party Denton Zubke19838.30%
 REP Party write-in 20.39%
  Total Votes517   
McKenzie County
Precincts Reporting: 11/11 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
2711087210 11111
Votes Percent
 REP Party Denton Zubke1,23955.12%
 REP Party Keith Kempenich 1,00244.57%
 REP Party write-in 70.31%
  Total Votes2,248   
Slope County
Precincts Reporting: 3/3 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
4411087210 331
Votes Percent
 REP Party Keith Kempenich 11056.99%
 REP Party Denton Zubke8041.45%
 REP Party write-in 31.55%
  Total Votes193   
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