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Official Results Primary Election - June 8, 2010

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County Measure 2: Shall the County of Ramsey, State of North Dakota, levy an additional .50 mills in accordance with Section 11-11-53 North Dakota Century Code, on the net taxable valuation of all property in the County, for the promotion of historical works within the borders of such county and in general defray the expense of carrying on historical work in the county. Said levy shall not be subject to the County Mill Levy Limitations, this levy to have an effective date of August 1, 2010; levy to commence on the 2010 tax year. - Ramsey - Vote For 1

544942 36Ramsey10CW
Votes Percent
Accepted Yes1,12551.30%
  Total Votes2,193   
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Ramsey County
Precincts Reporting: 4/4 (Election Day Reporting Complete)
365942 441
Votes Percent
  Total Votes2,193   
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